Top 10 Car Problems You Need To Watch Out

People experience car problems and break down everyday. Car problems that can ruin your day, causes accidents or even let you spend a lot of money. That is why, all drivers would definitely want to avoid, prevent and fix these car problems and have a safe drive. To give you a heads up, here are the top 10 car problems you need to watch out for.

Flat Tire
What to do: If a flat tire occurs, safely move to the side of the road, put the vehicle in park, and put the hand brake on to ensure that the vehicle does not roll. Get a spare tire, jack, leverage pipe, and lug nut wrench out of the trunk.
Prevention: Make sure to check the tire pressure at least once a month to ensure that it is up to where it should be. You should not only check all the tires on your vehicle, but also your spare tire as well. Try to avoid large cracks, divots, or anything that is in the road that might puncture your tire while driving.

Dead Battery
What to do: If you find that your vehicle will not start, you will need to find a friend or someone that will be able to give you a jump in order to get home. You will also need to find some jumper cables.Make sure to get the hoods of the cars close together in order to reach the cables from one car to another. Do not let the vehicles touch however, because this could be a bad situation.
Prevention: To prevent batteries from going bad, you should always make sure everything in your vehicle is shut off when you get out of it. You might also want to replace your battery every few years or so.

What to do: Finding a way to check what type of fluid is leaking might not be so hard to do if you know what types of fluids to look for. You should place an old light colored sheet or a white piece of paper under your vehicle so you can determine the color of the fluid. Make sure to notice where the leak is coming from as well. This could be a giveaway of what it is.
Prevention: Always make sure to have your fluids changed. You should have them changed every 3,500 miles or each year. You want to maintain good upkeep on your vehicle so these leaks do not happen. Of course, diagnosing them early on will help you prevent anything further from going wrong within the vehicle.

Bad Shocks
What to do: If you find that your vehicle is shaking, sagging, leaking, rattling, or perhaps it breaks then you might want to look further into the shocks. This is what holds your vehicle up and helps you not feel so much turbulence while riding over a bumpy road. You might want to have an auto mechanic look at it since they will have larger lifts for the vehicles in order to remove and replace the shocks.
Prevention: You will want to always listen and feel your vehicle for any changes. Once you notice a change in the way that it drives, you should have it checked out.

Bad Brakes
What to do: Look up what type of brakes you will need for your vehicle, and purchase them. You will want to cool the vehicle down before trying to replace the brakes.
Prevention: Always listen and feel for differences in the way your brakes react. You want to make sure you notice any differences beforehand. You should also make sure to get your brakes checked every year during the annual maintenance check up of your vehicle.