Theft Among Clunkers


So, you’re well aware of the car thefts that happen in your area. You know for a fact that more than a third of cars are stolen in people’s homes, and that thieves sure make no fuss about robbing you in broad daylight. It’s enough to get you skittish and all jumpy. You start eyeing your neighbor’s cars, and assess just how much more attractive they’d be to an unscrupulous thief’s eye.Your next-door neighbor’ Coupe? That’ll do nicely. The Ferrari parked one more door over? Ha, that robber’d hit the jackpot with that one! What about the Camaro a block over? That one’s not bad, either. Surely those thieves would go for those beauties rather than your old jalopy of a 1970 Volkswagen, right?

Sorry, friend, but that doesn’t leave out out of the danger zone. For robbers, they’re just as likely to steal old cars as they will new, luxury-status ones. Why? Two words: Old parts. Old parts are really tough to come by, and people are willing to part with their hard-earned money if they can find someone to sell them authentic car parts for a much lower price compared to the authorized dealerships. Tisk tisk.

For times like these, it’s best to make sure your auto insurance covers car thefts. It’s best to make sure you and your care are protected.

photo credit: Lee Cannon via photopin cc